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TvTime is a program with which you can watch television from your Linux. Download TvTime free and tune into channels from all over the world in PAL and NTSC

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TvTime is the perfect application is you have a television tuner card, because with it we will be able to tune into all the channels, save the configuration and, in other words, always have the television available on our computer.

  Despite the fact that the majority of TV Tuner cards have software for Windows, things are very different in Linux and it is complicated to find both controllers and programs that make the most of them. But thanks to TvTime we will manage to make the most of the cards that have the most popular chip when it comes to watching channels broadcasted in PAL and NTSC.

  TvTime is compatible with the vast majority of tuning chips and as soon as it is installed it will allow us to indicate what kind of signal we receive, PAL or NTSC. After that, it will ask us to indicate our region to configure the corresponding parameters and, last of all, we will be able to start watching television from its minimalist interface and its OSD (On-screen display) that will show us a lot of information in a neat and tidy manner.

  The program's performance is very good because, depending on the tuner card, we will be able to see up to 60 frames per second in NTSC or 50 in PAL.
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