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Tweak EPUB offers you the most simple and effective way to modify the contents of ePub files. Download Tweak EPUB free and edit your digital books easily

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The ePub digital book format can be modified if you have the right tools. In particular, you only actually need one: Tweak EPUB, to make modifications on your eBooks.

Edit the content of your digital books in ePub format.

What is ePub?

ePub is a compressed digital book format that contains several files, between which we will find XML, XHTML, CSS or JPEG. As such it's basically a ZIP file, so to access the contents of an ePub file, all you have to do is change the extension and open it with your favorite ZIP compressor.

Why use Tweak EPUB?

Tweak EPUB simplifies the process of modifying ePub files, by automating the decompression, editing and compression tasks of the new volume of information. You can make the changes using any text editor you have installed on your PC. Also, it makes sure that the integrity of the original files remains uncompromised.

If you need to edit the contents of an eBook packaged in ePub, download Tweak EPUB for free.
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