Download TweakRAM and you will be able to optimize the use of your RAM memory on your PC, improve its performance and avoid your computer freezing

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TweakRAM is a tool developed to improve and optimize the use of your RAM memory. Thus you will be able to make the computer work a lot quicker, improving your user experience and avoiding freezing so often.

TweakRAM will take care of clearing the RAM memory. This is the component that the system uses to store the programs that are currently running, with all the libraries that they require to work; but on many occasions many of the libraries are unnecessary. TweakRAM will take care of getting rid of them, even though you will always be able to access them when they are required.


  • Defrag and clean the RAM memory of your computer periodically in a customised manner.
  • Two different ways of managing your memory.
  • Eliminate closed applications that keep on using up resources and free them for other purposes.
  • Obtain information about the CPU, the memory usage and the processes and applications that are running.
  • Configure the applications that are immersed in the system booting.
  • Clean recent documents, the contents of the recycling bin or the Internet Explorer cache.
  • Different visualization options and colors for the software sensors.
  • Obtain a report of after using the application to free space.

Immediate adjustments

The program's interface will make things a lot easier, because it distributes the elements in a very simple and accessible manner. Viewing the RAM used by your computer will be a very visual task thanks to the sensors that occupy large part of the interface.

Download TweakRAM and adjust the configuration of the elements of your PC to the maximum extent to manage to improve its yield and general performance.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version can be tested for 31 days.
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