With Twilight you will be able to view these famous vampires on your desktop. Download Twilight and enjoy the boys from Twilight with this desktop wallpaper

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The Twilight saga is probably one of the movie series that has most followers at the moment. It all started back in 2005 with the publishing of Twilight, which was quickly followed by New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. A series of romantic novels where the main characters are a vampire and a girl, that fall in love. Among the other characters of the book, we can also find werewolves.

The Cullens and the Swans on your desktop

A few years after the first book was published, it was used for a film. Both the book and the films tell us the story of Isabella Marie Swan, that due to her parents' divorce, had started a new life with her mother. But after her mother has remarried, Isabella has returned to live with her father in a small town on the Northwest Coast of the USA. In her new high school, she meets Eric, Mike, Tyler, Jessica, and Angela, as well as seeing Jacob, that was her childhood friend. After a few days, she starts paying attention to a group of pale and unsociable kids, the Cullen family, Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, and Rosalie.

From there on, the books evolve to tell us how Isabella finds out that the Cullen family are vampires, and how she starts to fall in love with Edward Cullen. The books develop with twists in the storyline, love, action and a good setting, to such a point that the Twilight saga is one of the most followed and valued by teenagers. And, now thanks to this desktop wallpaper, you will be able to have the main actors on your computer.

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