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If you're a fan of video games, you need to visit Twitch, the online video streaming platform where you can watch gameplay videos and other gaming contents

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If you still haven't heard of Twitch, that means that you're not from this world. It's the most important video platform for video games at present, a place where both gamers and youtubers get together to enjoy this universe through all sorts of related videos. The most common contents are gameplay videos, recorded by gamers whilst playing which usually come along with a touch of humor, showing tips, advice, cheats... Or that can simply be used to keep us entertained.

Video streaming based on video games

Users can create their own page and upload as many videos as they want. Furthermore, they can also stream live. All videos incorporate a chat that allows the viewers to interact and the creator to answer possible questions, doubts or other comments.

Become part of the leading video network for video game players, access Twitch and discover a world of audiovisual contents conceived for real gamers.

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