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If you're looking for a way how to write on Twitter using more than 140 characters, TwitLonger is the solution. TwitLonger creates links with longer tweets

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Twitter's success lies, among other aspects, in the limitation of its messages to 140 characters. But sometimes this just isn't enough to summarize everything we want to say, therefore, to not fall short we can resort to services like those offered by TwitLonger.

How TwitLonger works

To be able to use TwitLonger we need to log in with our Twitter account. Once we have done so, we'll only have to write our message without worrying about its length. At the end of the tweet, which will obviously appear shortened, a link will be shown. Anyone interested in carrying on reading can click on it to access the page where TwitLonger has stored the message to read it completely.

How to write a tweet with more than 140 characters? Easy: TwitLonger.

TwitLonger is the best way to post long tweets, but this isn't its only function, as you can use it to manage your tweets, being able to delete whichever ones you don't want. This service is used by thousands of users, and to such an extent that it has been adopted by several smartphone clients.

Don't feel obliged to compress all your ideas or split them into 140-character fragments on Twitter, and write longer tweets thanks to TwitLonger.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need to be a Twitter user and log in as such.
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