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Twitpic is an application with which you'll be able to publish photos and videos on Twitter in real time. The features of Twitpic make this process easier

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Are you a Twitter user? If so and you like sharing photos on this microblogging social network, you'll surely like Twitpic. With this application you can share your photos and videos almost instantly.

Thanks to Twitpic you'll be able to share photos on Twitter of up to ten megabytes and videos of up to three minutes in length, thanks to the simple tools that it includes to upload contents to the Internet. You'll only have to select the location of the file, add a comment if you want and it will automatically appear published on your user account.

Twitpic has several features that make it a very practical tool to share images over Twitter. It's very quick, being possible to share almost in real time, and the links published will appear shortened. Furthermore, you won't need to use a new user account because Twitpic uses your Twitter access data.

From Twitpic you'll also be able to view photos uploaded by other users using its hashtags search engine, with the possibility to view them as soon as they are published.

Take advantage of the features of Twitpic and publish videos and photos of Twitter without any type of complication.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The application requires having a user account on Twitter and provide access to your private data.
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