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Twitter #music is the perfect tool to discover music. Find out what songs are trendy in the music world and who are following them with Twitter #music

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One of the main features of Twitter that make it more appealing is the possibility to know in detail what topics are the trend. Twitter #music is the social network's tool that applies this concept exclusively to the music world.

What's the song of the moment? Twitter #music knows.


  • Discover what music is the trend.
  • Find out what music the people you follow listen to.
  • Explore different music styles.
  • Listen to samples of the most tweeted songs and purchase them on iTunes.

Trending sounds

Twitter #music offers you the most tweeted music divided into three areas. In the first place, you can get to know who are the most successful singers, those that are popular at that precise moment, the upcoming promises, musicians that are breaking news on blogs of reference, and on the other hand, those talents that are going unnoticed. In turn you will also know what music the people you follow listen to and you will also be able to explore the most popular music of the moment by genre.

Discover and download the music in fashion

Regarding the songs discovered, you can listen to samples offered by iTunes and purchase the from the store, as well as knowing what songs by that same singer are the most tweeted and finding similar artists. Thus, Twitter #music becomes an excellent tool to discover and purchase fashionable music by the most inspiring groups and music belonging to your favourite styles.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a Twitter account.
  • This service is only available in USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Canada.
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