As with other social networks, Twitter also has a blocking function. When you block an account or have been blocked, certain restrictions apply. Some of these restrictions are:

  • The ability to follow the blocked account and have the blocked account follow you is removed.
  • By blocking an account, you will stop following it. If you lift the blockage, it will be necessary to follow it again.
  • Direct messages are no longer available.
  • The inter-account lock prevents tagging the user in photos.
  • It is not possible to add an account that has blocked you to Twitter lists.

These may be some signs that another user has blocked you. However, Twitter makes it very easy to confirm this. In fact, you will not need any additional application, as the social network openly notifies all users of the block. The first step you should take is to look for the profile of the person you think has blocked you.

Search for a userSearch for a user

It will be confirmed if the message You are blocked from following @user and viewing @user Tweets appears on the screen. The appearance of the profile will be very similar to what you see in the following screenshot.

Aspect of a blocked profileAspect of a blocked profile

The restrictions applied are mainly focused on communication with that user. However, if you wish to continue viewing the content uploaded to the platform, there is still a possibility. As long as you have a public account, all you have to do is visit your profile in the browser. Use the following URL:

You must do this without logging in. Otherwise, Twitter will detect that the user blocked you and prevent you from seeing its tweets. Therefore, you should use an incognito window to avoid this problem.