Twitteroo is a desktop client for Twitter. Access the activity of your profile directly from your desktop once you download Twitteroo for free on your PC

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Twitter has become one of the most used social networks, but many people think that it is a real loss of time to have to open the browser to be able to send a message or find out the latest updates, and this is the reason why multiple desktop clients have appeared, so as to be able to send and receive messages, like for example Twitteroo.

  This is probably one of the most simple of all those that can be found nowadays for this social network, because it only allows you to update your status and to receive tweets sent by your contacts.

  The interface that it uses is very elegant and it integrates as much as possible with the system, as well as hardly occupying any space, thus avoiding any problems to keep it open to know the latest changes of any of the people that we follow, or of the answers that we receive to our messages.

  Therefore, if you want a desktop client for Twitter that is simple and at the same time elegant to be able to follow all the changes of one of the most important social networks of the moment, download and install Twitteroo.
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