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Do you think you type super fast on your smartphone? Type Sprint is an original typing race game in which the winner is going to be the fastest typist

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Do you type at top speed on your mobile phone? It's time to put that skill to the test in this fun word game. Only the fastest typist with their smartphone can win.

Type Sprint

Type Sprint is a funny casual mobile typing race game with minimalistic 3D graphics. That is, we have to quickly type the words and phrases of the level in different tests and mini-games.

Ready to challenge your brain and your typing speed?

The game is played like a quiz with several different rounds. In each round, participants will fall until there is only one player left.

In each level we will face different tests. For example, we will have to write complete sentences, words, solve riddles or look for letters in a jumble. In this way, this title will test our speed at typing on a smartphone, but also our mental agility and reflexes.

Packed with matching games, word problems, hidden objects and different puzzles.

In addition, between games, we can spend our prizes on customising our avatar with a variety of hilarious outfits and building our own village with a castle. The only thing missing is music to make the APK download a complete experience.

Requirements and additional information:
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
Masterskaya DK
6 months ago
81.3 MB

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