TYPSoft FTP Server

1.10 With TYPSoft FTP Server you will have a practical FTP server available on your computer. Download TYPSoft FTP Server and easily configure this server
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TYPSoft FTP Server is a small FTP server prepared to give service to as many users as necessary, it includes the possibility to allow or deny the connection to the users according to their IP, customize the welcome message and configure notification sounds for the occasions when events take place (like for example, when a user connects).

If you want to have an FTP server at home, TYPSoft FTP Server will allow you to, in a very quick and simple way. Only requiring that you launch a program and complete a series of small configurations that are really simple.

Simple FTP server with plenty of options

Of course, it's possible to divide the users into groups and allow or deny access to certain shared files depending on the group or user that connects. Something very useful if the server is public, but you want to have a private or premium area.

Logically, a log will let you know in real-time of all the actions that take place on the server. All in all, TYPSoft FTP Server is a really simple FTP server that allows you to configure more or less anything, so that it looks just like the user wants it to look like.

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