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XP Change your Windows XP's appearance to make it similar to Ubuntu with Ubuntu Transformation Pack. Renew its style by downloading Ubuntu Transformation Pack
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The graphical interfaces used for both Windows Vista and Windows 7 showed a clear quality improvement when compared with other platforms. Nevertheless, Windows XP is a long-distance behind them in this aspect, so if we want it to give it a more updated and appealing appearance, it would be a good idea to use a pack like Ubuntu Transformation Pack, so that its interface resembles that of Ubuntu.

Make Windows XP look like Ubuntu

In Ubuntu Transformation Pack we will be able to find all the tools that are necessary to be able to completely transform the Windows XP interface, applying changes to the wallpaper and the desktop theme, to the icons, to the general appearance of the windows, etc.

Together with the tools necessary, we will find an instructions manual that will guide us step by step to be able to enjoy the benefits of the Ubuntu graphical interface while using our Windows XP operating system.

Therefore, if you're tired of Windows XP's outdated graphical interface, and you want to change it for one that is much more appealing, like that of Ubuntu, download Ubuntu Transformation Pack.

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Antony Peel
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