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Uforio is an unofficial web client of the famous news aggregator Reddit that we can use to browse this site in a much more efficient and advanced manner

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Reddit is one of the most visited news aggregators in the world. Nevertheless, it's ranked among the 50 most visited pages in the world according to Alexa. Some people consider Reddit rather chaotic or not very user-friendly, so to try to solve the problem some guys have come up with their own client.

An unofficial Reddit client

As we don't have an official client, we have to make do with solutions like Uforio. It's an online client to browse through the aggregator's sections, as well as its never-ending discussion threads about a wide range of issues.

Main features

  • Browse through different categories (entertainment, images, videos, science, games, news, music, GIFs, books...).
  • Classify publications depending on the type of content.
  • Shortcut to the Home, to all the contents or to certain subreddits.
  • Possibility to filter contents by date, controversy and popularity.
  • Advanced settings.
  • User account.

While we wait for the arrival of the official Reddit client for Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac, we can make do with alternatives like Uforio and make the most of the time we spend on this aggregator.

Requirements and additional information:
  • To make the most of the tool you can should register for free.
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