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If your computer doesn't boot correctly, Ultimate Boot CD includes all the tools you could need to easily search for and correct possible incidents

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Ultimate Boot CD is a set of free software capable of analyzing and repairing your computer. It's an ISO image that, after burning it onto a CD, has to be run on the damaged PC directly from the reader or through the BIOS if necessary.

Ultimate Boot CD carries out whatever hardware tests are necessary to recover the appropriate functioning and will search for possible incidents on the hard drive.

Damaged comptuer, repaired computer.

Tools available on Ultimate Boot CD

This program's menu includes tools capable of:

  • Analyzing the hard drive.
  • Cloning and partitioning the hard drive.
  • Analyzing the computer, searching for viruses.
  • Carrying out hardware tests.
  • Browsing the web.

Thanks to its efficiency, price and all the options included to repair possible damages to a PC, Ultimate Boot CD has managed to become one of the best tools in its sector.

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