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Ultimate Cleaner is an app that offers users features to optimize Android performance by carrying out battery saving and memory freeing operations

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Like computers, the performance of Android devices, whether tablet or smartphone, can be hampered by its use: installing applications, storing space-consuming junk files, consuming RAM... All this hinders performance. For this reason, it can be helpful to use an application that, like Ultimate Cleaner, can optimize the operating system.

Ultimate Cleaner improves your device's performance in a single click

This application scans different critical areas in terms of its operation and lets users carry out cleaning and settings operations. To do this, you will not need to have any advanced knowledge in Android maintenance: like many similar applications, Ultimate Cleaner has an easy-to-use menu where you simply select the operation you need to execute.

These are the functions this Android cleaner has to offer in an effort to be an alternative to consolidated options such as CCleaner:

  • Free RAM memory by closing memory-consuming background processes.
  • Save battery by pointing out those apps and processes that consume more energy.
  • Analyze the contents of your Android to remove space-consuming junk files.
  • Lowers CPU temperature and improves phone performance.
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