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Ultimate Edition is a complete Linux distribution full of applications and controllers. Download Ultimate Edition and try out all its features on your PC

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Without a doubt, Ubuntu is the most used Linux distributions outside the business environment. And due to this, it isn't at all strange that we can find many other distributions that are based on it, like Ultimate Edition.

  The main idea of the Ultimate Edition (that used to be known as Ubuntu Ultimate Edition) developer is to present a distribution that implements a new desktop theme at the same time that the distribution includes all kinds of applications and controllers (drivers), to avoid the awkward task and loss of time implied in installing all the additional things that we may need one the main installation is finished.

  Among the applications, we'll be able to find office suits, P2P applications, IRC and FTP clients, multimedia players, codecs, converters, drawing programs, etc. At the same time that the controllers should improve the use of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, printers and many more.

  So, if you're looking for a Linux distribution that includes all kinds of applications, download and install Ultimate Edition.
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