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As we fill our hard drives to the brim, and after long periods of constant file movement: copy, paste, crop, delete and copying again, the reading and writing accesses are a lot slower each time, and, thus, they make the system performance decrease.

Due to this, it is necessary to carry out a defragmentation process to reorganize all the data on the hard drive in the most effective way, with an application like UltraDefrag.

Tasks available

  • Analyze the hard drive condition.
  • Defrag the stored information.
  • Optimize how the data is stored by reorganizing it on the hard drive.
  • Show reports of the process results in HTML format in a browser window.

The feature that differentiates UltraDefrag from the rest is its capacity to defrag the files that are blocked by the system or by other applications. To do so, all that is necessary is to activate the option to scan at Windows Startup in the program configuration.

Scott McLure
Scott McLure
UltraDefrag Development Team
6 months ago
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