UltraSearch will allow you to search for any file that you have stored on your computer. Type in part of the name and find the file with UltraSearch

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With the progressive increase of the size of the hard drives, each day it becomes more difficult to find a file if you don't know where the file is specifically located on the hard drive. To be able to avoid these problems you can turn to UltraSearch.

Access files in seconds

How UltraSearch works is very simple, you will have to start typing in the box for such purpose so that the program starts searching for all the files related with what you are writing.

To work in such an extremely fast way, UltraSearch accesses directly the Master File Table (MFT) of the partition and searches for the files that have to do with the search terms.

To limit the search as much as possible, UltraSearch allows you to use file extensions, or even to search for files with a specific extension without worrying about their name (*.exe).

Once you have the results, UltraSearch will allow you to export the data as RTF, HTML, CSV or Excel files.

The quickest way to find a file on the hard drive is called UltraSearch, download it now!

Requirements and additional information:
  • Only works with NTFS partitions.
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