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With Unace you will be able to compress and decompress ACE files on Linux platforms. Download Unace for free to enjoy this great compression algorithm

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Unace is the Linux version of WinAce, a software compression and decompression application that is really popular. How it works, a lot more refined than its competitors ZIP and RAR, made it become one of the best alternatives to compress several files when they were going to be shared to sent by email.

  Unace, the Linux version, appeared with the intention of increasing its popularity, thus managing a greater diffusion. Having versions of the three major operating systems, the ACE format has become a full standard in what regards to sending files and saving space thanks to the powerful compression algorithm that it includes.

  This tool is capable of compressing and decompressing ACE files on Linux by means of an interface based on the command line terminal or a rather simple graphical interface, thus managing power and speed.

  The great compression of this format is due to the fact that its development was focused on being used in universities and very advanced technology projects about biology and genetics.
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