With Unchecky you'll be able to install programs without the danger of installing adware while you're at it. Unchecky unchecks boxes that download adware

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Surely, on more than one occasion, while installing a program, you've found that the installation program has boxes that you didn't want to check and that install other software that you're not interested in at all. Making a mistake on any of those boxes can make you waste time removing adware. Avoid this problem with Unchecky.

What does unchecky do?

  • Automatically unchecks boxes that download adware together with installation programs.
  • Warns you about the risks of checking a box that you don't want to.
  • Automatically updates with the program's new versions.
  • Offers a statistical report about your installs.

How does Unchecky work?

Unchecky is a tool that runs on your computer in the background, you can access its settings from the taskbar. Once you start installing a program, it will automatically uncheck the boxes that offer different adware programs, so you don't have to worry about them.

Download Unchecky and install programs safely and without concerns.

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