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What happens when you want a file and you realize that it has been deleted from your computer? You can recover it by downloading Undelete Plus for free

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Undelete Plus is free and scans your computer or disc unit to recover deleted files. Once you have located the eliminated file, the software will allow the user to rescue it.

How to recover deleted files on your PC

This process is complex and isn't always feasible when you try to recover a file that you have eliminated or that you have lost track of. Undelete Plus analyzes the computer or the device detecting the files that are liable of being recovered. The resulting list will include information that will come in handy about the files:

  • Location.
  • Name of the file.
  • Size.
  • File status.
  • Creation and modification date.

You can choose the files that you want to recover and then return them to the desired folder. It is also possible to use the filtering options, that allows us to limit the searches according to certain parameters that speed up the process. From now on deleting a file won't be a problem. Undelete Plus is a brilliant solution to be able to recover it.

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Antony Peel
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