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Do you have no one to talk to? Join the Undertale Amino community so you can chat and talk to thousands of people like you about your favorite game

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In 2015, Toby Fox, an independent video game developer, presented Undertale. The game told the story of a boy who fell into an underground world, and the goal of the player was to get back to the surface after fighting all kinds of monsters. The child could decide whether to fight, talk, or forgive the monsters, and according to his decisions, the game advanced in one way or another.

The game has become so popular in the community that Amino has its own social network for it: Undertale Amino. If you download the app and join this social network, you can meet thousands of - people like you to talk to about the game or any other topic that interests you and share all your tricks.

Main features

  • Chat with Undertale fans and players and make new friends.
  • Share your tips and tricks on the game in the different related threads.
  • You can read the encyclopedia about Undertale created by this community of Amino, and even contribute to making it bigger.
  • The community includes dozens of topics, threads, forums, and original work related to the game that you can read or write about for hours.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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Manuel Sánchez
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