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0.1 Unfriend Notify Facebook tells us who's removed us from their friend list and when. We can see all this info on our profile with Unfriend Notify Facebook
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When you have lots of friends on Facebook, it can turn out to be quite dramatic when you realize that someone has unfriended you without knowing who. But this will no longer happen thanks to Unfriend Notify Facebook, the Firefox add-on that notifies you if someone unfriends you and tells you who.

A notifier to know who has unfriended you on Facebook and when

Using Unfriend Notify Facebook is quite simple. You only need to install the add-on on your browser to get hold of a notifier that tells you when and who has removed you from their friend list on Zuckerberg's social network. For such purpose, you only need to go to your friend list in your profile and click on the Lost Friends tab to find out who has decided that you're no longer worthy of their friendship. The list will show you those contacts who aren't your friends anymore, and it will hopefully be empty if nobody has betrayed you yet.

You'll no longer have to check the profiles of your friend list one by one.

With this Lost Friends Notifier installed on your browser, you'll receive immediate notifications about people who are no longer interested in your Facebook friendship. Furthermore, if your list of friends is very long, you can avoid having to go through each contact one by one to find out who has unfriended you (that's if you can remember who all your friends are).

Keep strict control on your personal relationships on social networks with Unfriend Notify Facebook for Firefox.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Mozilla Firefox.
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