Download UNO for free and you will manage to make all your Mac programs use the same visual style. UNO can unify the aspect of all your applications

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When Tiger appeared as the main system of the Apple computers, the graphical interface of many applications became out dated, and they looked like applications for other platforms adapted to be used on Mac.

  Now thanks to UNO, we will be able to unify the appearance of the entire system and application windows using the same style, which is very similar to the Tiger interface, and that thanks to its grey and white tones, gives Mac OS X a very elegant graphical environment in general.

  Applications that have their own interface as the case of Firefox, Thunderbird or Adium, among others, will now look like they are part of the system tools thanks to UNO. Furthermore, it doesn't affect how any application works at all.

  If you want all the applications that you have installed on your Mac to work under the same interface, and that this interface is as simple and elegant as possible, don't think twice, download and install UNO right now.
Requirements and additional information:
It only works with Tiger.
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24.7 MB

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