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Uranium Backup allows you to create backups of your files. You have five different kinds to choose from. Download Uranium Backup to your PC for free

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One of the greatest precautions that the majority of users don't take into account to prevent data loss, is to backup the important information that can be found on their hard drives. This is mainly due to the fact that users see this as something difficult and arduous, but this isn't really so, because they are actually easy to do if you have a tool like Uranium Backup.

  Thanks to Uranium Backup, all the data chosen by the user can be safely stored from a very intuitive interface. Unlike other free programs of this type, with Uranium Backup you have the possibility to carry out five different kinds of backups, which are:

  - Tape Backup. Transferring all the data chosen by the user to a data tape, with the added bonus that it is compatible with the vast majority of tape formats (DAT, DDS, DLT,...).
- Disc burning. Offering the possibility to store the data on any kind of optical disc.
- SQL Server Backups. Creation of backup copies of an SQL database including ZIP compression.
- Remote FTP Server Backup. Encoded copy of the data that is sent to an FTP, FTPS (SSL) or SFTP (SSH-FTP) server.
- Disaster recovery via disc image. Creation of an exact copy of the hard drive.

  Furthermore, the backup software offers the possibility to program the backups, and to send an email notification each time a new backup is completed.

  So, if you need a free application that will allow you to create backup copies of your hard drive without any problems, download and install Uranium Backup.
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