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Urban Lightscape is a program that allows you to fix the lighting of a photo selectively. Improve the light of your photos and download Urban Lightscape

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On many occasions we take photographs in light conditions that aren't ideal and the resulting images have areas that are too dark or others that are overexposed. Urban Lightscape is a simple tool that will help you to correct the lighting of your photographs, and that allows you to do so in a selective way, in other words, modifying the light of certain areas of the image.

Easy to handle

Urban Lightscape can be useful, both for professional photographers as well as users with limited photography knowledge, because how it works is rather simple and basic. When you open the image you will be able to fix the different light components of the whole photographs, by means of the commands you will be able to increase and decrease the level of whites, blacks and the brightness.

Another option offered by Urban Lightscape is the possibility to modify the illumination by areas. To do so you will only have to double click with the mouse on an area of the image and drag. You will see how the scene's lighting varies.

What can you use Urban Lightscape for?

  • Fix the areas of the image that are overexposed or underexposed by means of placing control points.
  • Add light to areas of a photograph that are too dark to make sure that their details can be appreciated.
  • Create original effect with an image.

If you like photography, download Urban Lightscape and work with the lighting of images.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version can be used for 21 days.
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