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USB Alert is a tool designed to avoid that you forget your USB pendrive plugged into the computer. Download USB Alert free to avoid forgetting your USB

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We are sure that it has happened to you that you have forgot your USB connected to a computer. With USB Alert this won't happen again. It is a free application that detects the USB pendrives connected to the computer and let's you know if you are going to turn it off, block it or change the user with which the USB is connected. Don't forget a USB pendrive on a computer again. A bothersome beep will let you know.

Main features

  • USB Alert automatically detects all the USB pendrives and hard drives connected to a computer.
  • It allows to explore the contents of the memory and extract it securely.
  • When you turn off, lock or change the user without extracting the USB you will hear a sound notification and see a warning message.

As well as forgetting a USB connected to the computer, USB Alert can also come in very useful to avoid the pendrive from suffering any damage if you turn the computer without extracting it securely. Thanks to this you will remember to take out the USB. And it offers the commodity of being able to eject the USB from a button in the application.

Don't think twice and download USB Alert free.

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