USB Flash Security USB Flash Security is the most secure way to transport data on your USB pendrive. With USB Flash Security you will protect its access by means of a password
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Current flash memory devices, available in the practical USB pendrive format, offer the user more capacity at a more affordable price each day. This allows many users to enjoy videos, music or programs on any computer. Sometimes we need to take with us important documents or private files. To do it in a secure way it's convenient to have an application like USB Flash Security.

Protect the contents of your USB memory

USB Flash Security is a small utility that makes transporting our personal documents on a USB memory device more secure, by means of a password that bars the access to the data that it contains.

Once you have installed the program on the computer, it will detect if there are any flash memories connected and it will proceed to install the application on that device. It's important to back up the memory's data, because the installation of this application creates a partition on the unit, deleting all the information that it contains.

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