USB Stick Watcher


USB Stick Watcher helps you to manage your USB memory so as to avoid forgetting it at home. Avoid leaving your USB behind thanks to USB Stick Watcher

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It is probable that if you use some type of removable memory or USB key, on some occasion you will have needed to copy an important file from your computer to take it to work or the university, and surprise! When you need it you realize that you have left the pendrive at home.

  So this doesn't happen again you can use USB Stick Watcher, a small and light application that will help you to manage your USB memory and will manage to make sure that you no longer forget it due to a slip.

  USB Stick Watcher allows you to configure a wide array of options from its user friendly interface: we can choose to launch them when the system starts, choose a password, change the text with which the program reminds you that the pendrive is still connected, and change the interval between notifications, activate/deactivate the alerts of: device connection, computer turn off or close-down, and notifications of less than 10% space left on the pendrive, activate and customize the notifications sound, etc.

  Thanks to USB Stick Watcher, you will no longer forget about your USB pendrive.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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