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Vampire's Fall: Origins is a 2D role-playing game with isometric perspective and a lot of customization options that is set in the world of vampires

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If you like vampires and dark ambience games, you will definitely like this Early Morning Studio RPG inspired in the saga Devil. Vampire's Fall: Origins is an open world game in isometric perspective with turn-based battles that differs from similar ones in that we will control a vampire. In addition, we can customize the traits of our character, and even choose his lineage between:

  • Nosferatu.
  • Ranjeni.
  • Magistrav.
  • Equides.

Will you wreak havoc on these lands or will you be the hero that people crave for?

Choose your alignment and participate in future developments

You choose how you want your character to be in this chaotic world dominated by dark forces. You must carry out missions and complete your equipment while choosing your side: do you want to use your supernatural powers for the service of good or for your own benefit?

The mechanics of the game consist in advancing as you please through the territory while facing different enemies in turns. There are different combinations of blows that we can execute as our concentration increases. Our success in combat will depend largely on the team we have managed to gather and equip.

Also, every time we level up, the game system offers us the option to choose how to distribute the skill points we have achieved to enhance the powers that interest us most. On the other hand, it also includes a game mode with PvP battles to pit our skills against other players.

The negative point could well be the graphics, which are not as neat as those of the RPGs of the Android catalog. However, this is compensated with a cool story, options to choose our own answer in the dialogues and a highly customizable experience.

Requirements and additional information:
María Eugenia Morón
María Eugenia Morón
Early Morning Studio
This month
123.5 MB

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