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Velocidactil is a webapp with which we can improve our capacity and speed when it comes to typing texts by competing against other users or playing solo

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Do you need to work on your typing skills? Well, then you need to try out Velocidactil, the web where you can practice your typewriting whilst you also put yourself to the test with games and playing against other users.

Practice your typewriting in the most simple and entertaining manner

The web divides its contents between playing and practicing, although both things are very similar: we have to write the text sown as correctly as possible and as fast as we can. The difference between both modes is that in the actual game we'll be able to play against other users whilst in the practice mode we'll play on our own.

It offers us our own user area from where we can save public and private texts as well as being able to check our stats to see if we can improve our typing skills.

And although the web is only available in English and Spanish, we can put our typing to the test in other languages such as Portuguese, Italian, German or French. It also comes along with two specific-purpose modes, such as typing news and legal texts.

But the most important thing is that there are dinosaurs on the web so we don't really know what you're waiting for to improve your typing skills thanks to this online application.

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