Ventrilo is an application that allows you to communicate by VoIP with your game mates in any online multiplayer game. Download Ventrilo free of charge

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The Internet has provided us with many different ways of communicating, like the email, the instant messenger systems and VoIP, this last one being the most direct and personal of the three systems mentioned.

  When it comes to playing an online multiplayer game, it becomes necessary to communicate with our partners by voice, to be able to synchronize our movements and establish a strategy, so we'll need an application like Ventrilo, that doesn't saturate our connection and isn't at all difficult to use.

  The program's interface is very simple, we only need to connect to a server and that's it, in a matter of seconds we'll be planning an attack in World of Warcraft or Counter Strike, with other users.

  Each time a new user connects, the program will tell us his/her nick and status, which is very practical if we are waiting for an adventure partner.

  If you're looking for a simple and effective application to communicate with the rest of users during your online games, download and try out Ventrilo.
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