Verbum is a simple text processor that is still under development but is already functional. Verbum can be a good option alternative to Microsoft Office

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There are many text processors, and each one of them tries to implement the tools that the developers consider that may be necessary for the users. Verbum, that is still in Alpha development phase, has been designed to become an alternative text processor, being a free very simple program that is easy-to-use.

A humble alternative to Office

The visual interface of Verbum doesn't differ from other similar products. Its is totally customizable, whether by means of skins or by configuring the position of the different buttons that this software has to offer.

Verbum has been designed to be a simple text editor that offers results, capable of avoiding distractions and boosting the users concentration while writing. Its basic structure may seem familiar to many users and it is easy to work with, and we hope that as the application is further developed it will include new functions that will make it more appealing.

Download Verbum for free and add a new text editor to your applications list. Test is functions, because you may be interested in a simple yet effective product to be able to write your own texts.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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