What are Collections in Vero

Vero’s Collections is basically the section where we can check all the contents shared with us by each one of our contacts through their publications. For instance, we can view movie recommendations, photos, videos, books, links, places… all the latter, shown in chronological order.

This is one of the functions with which Vero intends to put up a fight against other social networks of the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Together with the rest of its features, it wants to improve the concept of social network as we’ve understood it to the date, especially in terms of privacy. We have to remind you that this application takes Google+’s Circles concept, allowing us to classify our contacts according to our mutual relationship. Thus, we can have friends, close friends, acquaintances, and followers, allowing us to divide our publications better. This is a good idea if we don’t want anybody at work to know what we get on at in our real-life, leaving our bosses aside from our publications only for friends, so they can’t see how much fun we have at the weekend or our aspect when we’ve gone over the top on the beer.

The absence of adverts is another great feature that makes it a really appealing social network, apart from intending to be exclusive: it’s only free for the first million registered users. However, it intends to seek finance by means of a subscription, which might stop new users from signing up if they prefer not to pay and carry on using their traditional social media apps.