Vessel is a platform game in which, taking on the role of Doctor Arkwright, you will have to save the world from the chaos caused by your inventions

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The world is in constant progress and in the alternative Steam-Punk universe of Vessel, the great scientist Doctor Arkwright has managed to create sentient water creatures to help to improve the productivity, but he has finally lost control of the whole situation and he has to do whatever he can to save the world from his own creations.

Hundreds of puzzles and enigmas

In his attempt to save humanity, Doctor Arkwright will have to complete a whole range of different enigmas and puzzles. To be able to get out of the tight spots that these enigmas can place him in, in Vessel the doctor will have to interact with the world that surrounds him, creating new 'Fluro' creatures, the name received by these intelligent creatures completely made of liquid.

Each different type of liquid will provide the 'Fluro' with different qualities, which will be of vital importance for many of the screens that the player will encounter through out the game.

Well-achieved graphics

Although at a first glance the graphics may seem somewhat rudimentary and old fashioned, this will only be until you actually see how the different liquid forms move, divide and join, including a full range of movements and graphics that are really amazing.

Download Vessel a game that promises to deliver hours of entertainment.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires you to have Steam installed and a user account for that service.
  • The demo allows you to play a limited part of the game.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Strange Loop Games
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