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VideoDevil is an add-on for Kodi with which users can play content offered by adult websites on streaming and directly from the popular media center

Kodi add-on offering adult contento only

May 11, 2021
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Are you a Kodi user? If the answer is yes, you can download VideoDevil for those times when you feel like giving yourself to self-love. This is an add-on for Kodi with which you can access online video streaming content offered by adult websites.

Some of the main erotic content websites

This extension for Kodi offers access to the content hosted on each of these adult websites. In it, you can also explore the different contents organized by categories. So, whatever you are into, you will find it here for you to enjoy. You can also search manually, in case you decide you need more exquisite stuff.

All you need to do to install this add-on is to authorize add-ons from unknown sources and then choose to install from ZIP files. Once you have done that, and thanks to Kodi's great virtue of extending functions via add-ons, a whole universe of very loving, lightly-dressed people will be open before you.

Requirements and additional information:

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