Vidmate Tips & Tricks: the best help and advice to download videos

Vidmate is a versatile download tool that will help you store your favorite videos in your phone's memory. But the potential of this application is not limited to video. It is also compatible with other formats, such as audio or image files.

The list of supported sites is very long and includes video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or Funnyordie. Vidmate also works with most social networks. It helps you download videos and photos posted on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. It is also able to download the statuses that your contacts have uploaded to WhatsApp so you can view them later.

On this page, you will find several articles that will help you take your first steps with Vidmate and get the most out of it. First, we will explain how to install this tool on your phone or how to uninstall it if you no longer need it. We address some important issues, such as the security it offers or how legal it is. Finally, we will tell you how you can download files from the most important social networks and YouTube. In each article, you will find recommendations that will help you do it safely and without breaking the law.

If you want to enjoy your favorite videos, music, and photos without being connected to the Internet, Vidmate is your application. Also, since all downloaded files are stored locally, you can open, edit, copy, or move them without major difficulties. This application is not available at the Google Play Store, and therefore, you must get it from a reliable source. You can download it safely using the direct link we provide at Malavida.

How to download WhatsApp statuses with Vidmate

Vidmate is a versatile download manager that, among other things, lets you store WhatsApp statuses posted by the contacts you have in your address book. The process to do this is very simple and you only have to do the following.


Opinions about Vidmate: pros and cons

To help you decide whether or not to use this tool, we have asked the editorial staff of Malavida. What do the editors think about Vidmate? Here is the answer:


How to download movies using Vidmate

Vidmate is an application that helps you download and store different multimedia content. In previous versions, this tool made a selection of movies available for direct download. This option was perfect for film enthusiasts. Thanks to it, they were able to enjoy works launched in a variety of markets with limited distribution, such as Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood. However, in the latest version of Vidmate, this section is no longer available.


How to download music using Vidmate

With Vidmate, you can easily download music in MP3 and M4A formats. The first thing you must do is open the application, and on the main page, choose the Music section.


How to download videos from Instagram using Vidmate

Among the supported sources for downloading content on Vidmate, you will find Instagram. Although originally, this social network only hosted photographs, now it is also possible to find video files on it. If you would like to enjoy Instagram content without an Internet connection, please, take the following steps.


How to download videos from Facebook using Vidmate

Vidmate is an excellent tool that lets you download multimedia files from various social networks. The guidelines included in this guide explain how to carry out this process on Facebook. To start, open the application and tap on the corresponding icon.


How to download videos from YouTube using Vidmate

To download a video from YouTube using Vidmate, you must do the following. First, go to the main screen of the application and tap on Sites.


Is Vidmate legal?

Vidmate is a legal application and its functions are not against the current legislation of any country. So you can download it and install it on your device without worrying about breaking any laws. However, there are two legal aspects related to its use that you should keep in mind.


How to use Vidmate

After downloading its APK and installing it, just open Vidmate to start using it. The first thing you will see is its home page. It contains some basic elements for using this tool. For example, you have a text field that can be used to search for content or access a specific URL.


What is Vidmate and what's it for?

Vidmate is an application developed for Android that downloads multimedia files hosted on various popular websites. This application aims to help the user enjoy its favorite videos and music without the need to be connected to the Internet. That is why Vidmate saves the downloaded files in your device's internal memory so you can quickly share them, open them again and again, or even create a backup in the cloud.


Is Vidmate safe?

Vidmate is a completely safe application. Although it is not available in the official application store, the Google Play Store, this media file download manager does not contain any type of malicious code or virus. So you can download it and install it on your device with complete peace of mind.


How to uninstall Vidmate

Installing and uninstalling Vidmate are two common processes. Therefore, if you are thinking of removing it from your device, you will not face great difficulties. You can do this easily if you locate its icon in the application box of your Android and make a long press on it.


How to install Vidmate

Installing Vidmate is a method for which no specific knowledge is required. This practical download tool should be installed in the same way as any other application. The first step you should take is to download their installation file or APK. You can get it from its official website or using the link below.


How to disable Vidmate's notifications

Many applications take advantage of the native Android notification system to display unhelpful or advertising content. Fortunately, the operating system lets you choose which applications can send communications and block those that do so abusively. In the case of Vidmate, you can also do this through the application. To do this, open the Me section.


How to increase Vidmate's download speed

You can get better download speed on Vidmate thanks to some adjustments offered by the application. To begin, go to the Me section.


January 13, 2021. Translated by Manuel Sánchez