Vidomi is video player that also includes a useful file converter to transform videos to DivX. Enjoy all your video files once you download Vidomi for free

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Vidomi is an ideal application to be able to enjoy our video collection, as well as a quick converter with hundreds of customization options, that also has a very simple and colorful interface.

  The program is capable of playing the majority of formats available nowadays (as long as we have the proper codecs installed), offering us a series of very practical features like the selection of the audio channel or the visualization of subtitles.

  With regard to the converter, that allows us to transcode AVI and MPEG files to DivX, it's worth highlighting that it has a system by means of which it is possible to eliminate the black stripes from a file, is capable of performing conversions by means of task lists and, furthermore, can use any codec installed on our computer, allowing us to customize the quality of the file created.

  If you're looking for a video player, that also allows you to convert files to DivX, download Vidomi right now.
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