By downloading ViGlance you will be able to turn the outdated taskbar of XP into the Windows 7 bar. Renew the graphic appearance of Windows XP with ViGlance

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If you're still not ready to change your operating system, but you are tired of the aspect of your old Windows XP, we have a quick and simple solution: ViGlance, that will manage to improve its design and functionality.

Transform your old-fashioned Windows XP taskbar into the innovating Windows 7 bar

ViGlance is a small utility with which a simple click of the mouse we will manage to renovate the aspect of the Windows XP operating system, because by only launching the application, it will transform the taskbar into the Windows 7 bar, which is a lot more modern and functional.

Another of the main advantages of the Windows 7 taskbar is that the applications that we open will remain as an icon on the bar instead of showing the full name of the application, thus occupying less space and providing a clearer interface. If you're not sure what application the icon belongs to, all you have to do is move the mouse over the icon to find out.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Over a year ago
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