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With VIP Torrent you can share files via BitTorrent. Download VIP Torrent free to search for torrent files and download films, music and applications

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VIP Torrent is a P2P client, that implements the BitTorrent protocol, with which you will be able to download and share files with the rest of the network's users. Its simple installation and its great performance make VIP Torrent an excellent option to share images, programs, songs, films and games on the Internet.

  Among the options included in VIP Torrent you'll find:

  - Possibility to add, stop, pause, resume or eliminate the downloads.
- Integrated search engine for torrents.
- Configuration of the download priority.
- Bandwidth management.
- Chat functions.
- Check statistics.
- Customization by means of plug-ins that will increase its capabilities.
- Online assistance.

  If you want to search for and download torrents without any need to open the browser, VIP Torrent is an alternative that is very valid to manage to do so.
Requirements and additional information:
Requires that you have Java installed.
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