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Virtaal is an application that belongs to the computer-aided translation applications group. This means that the application isn't in charge of the translation, it is somebody that translates with the help of a computer. With this kind of application, translations will be a lot more precise than with other translators.

The objective of this application is to be easy to use for general users and a very powerful tool for translators with experience in the use of this kind of application. Virtaal will allow you to translate a text separated into segments. When you open a document, the program will divide it into different segments by following grammar rules, like full stops and the end of the paragraph.

Once this is done, all you have to do is translate each segment with the help of Virtaal: inserting texts that are similar to texts that you have already translated, in other words, translation suggestions. Thus, the more you translate, the easier it will get to translate new texts.

Main features

  • It shows the commentaries of other programmers and translators.
  • Automatically corrects common errors.
  • Automatically completes long words.
  • Reuse existing translations.

If you want to complete a quality translation, try out Virtaal.

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Antony Peel
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