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Virtual Edit is a video editor with professional features developed for household and domestic use. Download Virtual Edit and work with all your videos

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When a program is developed by the experts of that field, the resulting project becomes excellent from the very first moment. Virtual Edit is a program to edit video created by developers that have worked on television and that, due to this, they know what important features a video editor has to include.

  Logically, capturing videos from a camera with DV output is perfectly possible, just like mounting them, cropping them or applying effects. The transitions and the edited video properties can be viewed in real time (without having to save a project) something that makes these processes a lot easier. Furthermore, it includes a “DV 123 Editing” mode that comes to simplify the way to edit videos in DV or Digital-8.

  Once the audio and the video editing is finished, the software will make it easier for the user to save a file in AVI, DV, MPEG or WMV, allowing different compression ratios, and the resolutions and audio quality of our choice.

  Virtual Edit is a video editing program that is rather simple, but that accomplishes its objective perfectly and that, due to how easy it is to use and the quality of its results, can be equally useful at home as well as in professional environments.
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The trial version has certain limitations.
Virtual Edit
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