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Adopt one of the little people that live inside your Android device in Virtual Families 2, a game where we will live a digital life and create a family

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Continuing with classic games like The Sims, in this casual game from the Last Day of Work studio, we will have to create our own virtual family. Get a home for those little people living inside your Android device and help them get their dream home.

A virtual house with virtual inhabitants

Before starting our adventure in Virtual Families 2, we have to choose our first character to adopt. There are lots of them, and each one has different traits, such as their tastes, profession, and salary. Moreover, you will be able to know if they want to have children.

Once you get your first inhabitant into the house, the game will start. Like The Sims, the game is about... living. As our protagonists work and generate resources, we will be able to buy new furniture and pets, as well as renovate the ruined or decaying rooms of the house.

In addition, we will be receiving online marriage applications, granting us the opportunity to start our family. Choose the ideal partner for your character and let them get married to start creating a perfect family in your dream home.

Help the characters choose a husband or wife and start their virtual family in this life simulation game!

The game interface can be a bit complicated at first. We can move our character from one place to another by dragging it through the different rooms. Depending on where we drop our character off, it will take a different action. In other words, if you leave it by the sink, it will do the dishes, while if we leave it in front of the computer, our character will get to work.

Sometimes, they will do things right, and sometimes, not so much. In order to reward good behavior, select the character by touching it and then press on the green hand icon. On the contrary, if we want to scold it, follow the same process, but use the red hand icon. However, they do not like being told off (obviously), so use this tool responsibly.

The game is very simple with many options, and while graphics can be improved, they are still quite cool. If you have always wanted to start a family in a small format, this is your chance.

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Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Last Day of Work, LLC
Over a year ago
This year
64 MB

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