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Create your own tribe and make it evolve in Virtual Villagers. The creators of Virtual Families has gone one step further in amusement in Virtual Villagers

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From the same creators of Virtual Families, now we have Virtual Villagers, a game in which we have to direct a tribe to make it survive on an island in the Pacific, we will have to teach them a profession, manage the resources, improve our technology and increase our population as time goes by.

Download Virtual Villagers and enjoy 1 hour of gameplay with the demo

Virtual Villagers works in real-time, so even if we turn our computer off our tribe will keep developing on its own, and we might even find new inhabitants. We will have hundreds of totally customizable characters available, a full island to explore (where we might find more than one surprise) and a practically endless game because we will be able to make our tribe as big as we want.

As well as making our tribe evolve, we will have to solve a series of puzzles thanks to which we may be able to discover new technologies or parts of the island.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The demo version only allows you to play for 1 hour.
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