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With VirusTotal you have a powerful online file scanner. Detect viruses and all sorts of malware on your computer by analyzing it with this webapp

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Having an antivirus installed is something very important if you usually use a computer, but in the web 2.0 era, new tools capable of complementing the most common security software are appearing. That is the case of VirusTotal, an online malware and virus scanner with which you can analyze and detect files that have potential threats.

Analyze files and suspicious URLs.


  • Online scanner to detect suspicious files.
  • Detect all kinds of malware.
  • Includes a URL address analyzer and a search engine.
  • Maximum size of the files scanned: 32 MB.
  • Use it to also to confirm false positives.
  • Obtain detailed information about each file.
  • Includes a statistics section.
  • Take part in a user community as part of a 'collective intelligence' system.

All your computer's security gathered in a web application

The data is obtained from a large amount of antivirus applications, file analysis web applications and other computer security tools. On the same page, you'll be able to view a detailed list of sources. Furthermore, the databases are updated every 15 minutes, something that guarantees that all these components are up to date.

Improve your security thanks to the Internet with this online file analyzer to detect the presence of viruses.

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