Download Visioo-Writer free, an SXW and ODT file viewer that hardly uses any space. With Visioo-Writer you will be able to open and view SXW and ODT docs

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If you receive a document in SXW or ODT format, you probably won't be able to open them if you don't have on your computer.

  These are open source standards used by this office suite and the OpenDocument project, that tries to standardize the same format for all the office applications (text processors, spreadsheets,...) developed with open source.

  Visioo-Writer is a document viewer developed for those people that don't have or other similar applications installed on their PC, and find themselves in the position in which they have to open a document that is saved in one of the two aforementioned formats.

  Written in Python, the program is capable of opening all kinds of SXW and ODT documents. Furthermore, it provides the metadata of the author, language, date or number of words used, and allows us to export the text that the document contains to .txt format. Logically, we'll also be able to access the text with the classic copy and paste method.

  If we have an office suite and we don't want to install more programs or we simply don't have too much space on the hard drive, Visioo-Writer will allow us to access one of the document formats the use of which grows as the amount of open source software followers increases.

  A sober and simple tool that makes it easier to access the and OpenDocument standards, without having to install any application that occupies a lot of space.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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