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Vista Manager is an excellent tool to customize Windows. With Vista Manager you can configure and optimize your Vista operating system in a few clicks

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Microsoft's operating systems have dozens of customization options, but in the latest versions it is getting harder each time to access these options. If you're looking for an application that gives you quick and direct access to the optimization and configuration possibilities of Windows Vista, try out Vista Manager.

  Vista Manager is a powerful and complete configuration manager for Windows Vista that, in a few simple steps, greatly improves your computer's performance.

  To do so, it offers more than 40 utilities, divided in specific categories, that will allow you to modify your operating system, thus managing to make it more stable, quicker and secure.

  Among the options that Vista Manager offers, you'll find:
- Optimizer. Improves the systems startup and shutdown speed.
- Cleaner. Increases the free space available on your computer and improves the way Windows works by eliminating duplicated files, erroneous Registry entries,...
- Customization. Change that graphical environment of your operating system, tune up the Vista boot menu,...
- Security. Enable or restrict options that can be dangerous for your computer's security.
- Network. Optimize your Internet connection speed.

  Download Vista Manager and discover the possibilities that it offers you to customize and improve Windows Vista.
Requirements and additional information:
Only compatible with Windows Vista. The trial version can be used for 15 days.
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