Vista Transformation Pack


Vista Transformation Pack transforms the appearance of Windows XP making it similar to Windows Vista. Update your system with Vista Transformation Pack

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The greatest advance that any user can notice between Windows XP and Vista is, without a doubt, the change in the graphical interface. If Microsoft advanced a little bit in this aspect in what regards to Windows XP, with Vista, they managed an operating system that was worthy of the 21st century. Now, with Vista Transformation Pack, you will also be able to enjoy this visual interface on Windows XP.

Transform Windows XP into Vista

One of the main problems of Windows Vista is its high resource use, which is why many users can't allow themselves the luxury of updating. In any case, enjoying the advances that were presented in the interface of Windows Vista on XP is as easy as installing Vista Transformation Pack.

This pack is formed by various third party applications that implement the Windows Vista functions that aren't available on Windows XP, like various kinds of visualization, some toolbars or several explorer functions.

The entire system is affected, the home, welcome and user selection screens, the dialog windows, the notification icons, the background wallpapers,... even the skins of the multimedia player and the icons of the taskbar are affected.

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