Nonconformist with Windows' appearance? Download VistaGlazz free and you will be able to use any theme to modify the appearance of your Windows OS

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Although things have improved with Windows 7 and Vista, the Windows desktop can still be improved to give it a better visual appearance, for example, by making the most of transparency. If we want to activate more transparencies in the original Windows theme or any other themes, we will need an application that allows us to activate them, like Vista Glazz.

Change the visual aspect of Windows

What this software does isn't anything new, it patches up certain parts of the system so that it allows the default theme files to be modified, and once parched, the themes can be changed. Thus, VistaGlazz gives the original Windows theme more transparency, but even better, it allows us to use other themes that aren't themes developed by Microsoft.

With Vista Glazz, it's possible to download themes from sites like DeviantArt, some of which have even better quality than the original ones developed by Microsoft.

Install VistaGlazz and you'll notice how Windows can be more attractive.

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